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Corporate Vision

1. Company positioning

To make "Luo Shen" brand and a first-class industrialized real enterprise that specializes in the R&D, manufacturing, sales, services of high-end conveyor belt connection equipment.

2. Company mission

To focus on the transport belt industry, help customers achieve safe, efficient transportation of materials, provide a stage to staff, create returns for shareholders, and contribute to the Chinese coal energy industry.

3. Business philosophy

Integrity, standardization, specialty, quality

4. Marketing philosophy

Sincere attitude, warm services, top team and win-win results.

5. Company belief

Help others achieve something and believe our efforts will be rewarded;

Give priority to the overall situation first and firmly believe that our cooperation will be mutually beneficial and win-win.

6. Company slogan

Repeat simple things and I will be an expert; repeat simple things with my heart and I will be the winner.

7. Company advertising terms

Ancient capital charm, value model, Luoshen belt fastener, safe and reliable choice.

8. Corporate values

8.1 Customer orientation: All work should start from the customer's demands. As customer relations run inside and outside of the Company, after close relations are established with customers, customer satisfaction is the basic standard for evaluating various work;

8.2 Integrity: Integrity is the basis of the brand image and enterprise image. The Company should establish and consolidate the internal atmosphere of integrity. Every employee should abide by the principle of integrity, and treat customers, employees, colleagues and cooperators with honesty, uprightness and commitment.

8.3. Cooperation: Cooperation should be carried out inside and outside the Company to build a community of common interests and pursue win-win results. Cooperation is the positive work attitude and work consciousness of each employee; teamwork is the result of cooperation, respect and trust are the premise of cooperation, and cooperation aims to better meet the demands of customers.

8.4 Learning and innovation: Innovation implies questioning everything you have, or pursuing or trying beyond. Innovation is based on the establishment of a learning organization and the improvement of the employee's learning willingness and ability. The learning organization is the result of teamwork on the basis of information sharing; innovation lies in all aspects in thinking, concepts, services, products, technologies, patterns and management. Every employee should take learning and innovation as an inevitable responsibility. Innovation means that experiments are around the corner. It must also allow for failure if success is to be achieved.

8.5 Speed: Leadership is based on the speed. Quick action is part of the mind; speed means an increase in the efficiency of all work, avoiding meaningless delay; speed is an inevitable requirement for the Company to respond to the market as soon as possible, meet the demands of customers and win competition.