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Talent Concept

Employment Concept:

Create people-oriented transparent employment mechanism

Promote each employee to proper post

Integrate the employees’ personal pursuit into the enterprise’s long-term development

Incentive Principle:

Three types of incentives realize your own value

When you have made contributions in reasonable proposals and technological innovation,

when you have made achievements and become the example of enterprise and employees,

the enterprise will reward you with remuneration, honors and achievements.


Upright, Sincere, Reinforced, Advantageous

Treat our customers with great passion, get frankly along with others, respect others and exercise strict self-discipline, brave various challenges

Survival Concept:

A man without distant care must have near sorrow. Not for the best, but for the better

To maximize the permanent overall interests, we will go beyond ourselves in the crisis awareness to build “First” strategic thought.

Talent Concept:

Talent = lofty character + transcendent wisdom + efficient performance

Create the growth environment for all the talents, retain 100% talents with 100% efforts