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Our company successfully carried out the 2014 mid-year clearing accounting work

2018/07/18 10:17
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On November 23, 2013, the Director of the Provincial Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau and the Director of the Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau, Li Director, Liu Kechang and Gao Kechang, went to our company to conduct the AAA-level standardization and good behavior enterprise evaluation and acceptance work.

Our company set up a standardization working group in May this year. With the general manager Cui Zhitao as the team leader, we carried out standardization management work. According to the company's production and operation management needs, we fully considered the requirements of other management systems and prepared and revised the standards. A total of 135 technical standards were established, 50 management standards and 54 working standards. All standards cover all departments in the standardization organization chart to meet the needs of design development, production, operation and financial management. On August 12th, the standardization working group carried out enterprise self-evaluation in the company, implemented rectification for unqualified items, and further improved the standardized management system.

During the review meeting, the general manager reported on the implementation of the company's standardization. The report pointed out that the implementation of the standardization system has achieved remarkable results, giving full play to the benchmarking role of the standard, further improving the standardization of the company's basic management level, clarifying the standards of the company's various management levels, so that the work of the employees and the supervision of the management are well-founded and comprehensive. Improve the company's standardization and standardization management. Since the implementation of standardization management in May, the company's belt buckle pass rate of over 98% has passed, and the pass rate of the button and machine has reached 95%, which is 6% higher than that before May 2013. The products V38 belt buckle, 1250+ belt buckle, V38 hydraulic button machine and 2500 hydraulic button machine all meet the national quality inspection standards. The product market share has increased by 15% compared with the first half of the year, and customer satisfaction has reached 98%. Finally, the general manager said that completing the standardization system construction does not mean success. The bigger challenge is the further improvement and implementation of the standards.

The director of the department and the company conducted on-site inspections on our products and production workshops. At the same time, we reviewed the relevant systems and application materials established by our company for standardization work. After the rigorous assessment by the assessment team, our company successfully passed the review and was evaluated by 373 points. AAA-level standardized good behavior enterprise.

The construction of the standardized management system has provided assistance for the standardized management of enterprises, improved the maturity of management, and improved the soft power of enterprises to some extent. The review of AAA-level standardized good behavior companies not only means that the company has been recognized by the government, but also represents our continuous efforts and efforts on the road of enterprise management and development.

Passing this review is not the end, but a new starting point. We will, as always, adhere to the improvement of the corporate system, continuously improve the standardization system, strive to improve the management level, and continue to work for the development of the enterprise.