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China's coal production status in the world

2018/07/18 10:12
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China is one of the world's largest coal producers. In 1985, the output of raw coal reached 872.28 million tons, ranking first in the world from the third place in the world in 1980 and the second in the world in 1984, accounting for 19.99% of the world's total coal production that year. In the past 10 years, it has been rising and rising. In 1994, China's raw coal production accounted for 25.95% of the world's total coal production, an increase of 6 percentage points over 1984. In other major coal-producing countries, only the United States, Australia, India, South Africa and Canada have risen volatility; while Russia, the Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Kazakhstan and the United Kingdom have fallen linearly or wavewise. The available data show that in 1995 China's raw coal output was 129.18 million tons, an increase of 62.65 million tons from 1994, and it continues to rise.
However, due to the large population of China, the per capita possession of coal is not high. In 1994, more than 900 million tons of coal-producing countries in the world, China's per capita possession of coal (1025kg), much lower than Australia (15151kg per capita), Kazakhstan (6445kg), Poland (5156kg), South Africa (4832kg), the United States (3586kg) ), Germany (3074kg) and Russia (1833kg), only higher than India (286kg), ranking 8th.
In addition, there are many people in China's coal production, and the degree of mechanization of coal mining and the degree of comprehensive mechanization of coal mining are not high. In 1994, the former was 71.02% and the latter was 44.75%. In 1995, the former was 71.58% and the latter was 46.66%, both lower than the world's major coal-producing countries. In 1994, the mechanized degrees of coal mining in Germany, the United Kingdom, Poland, and Japan were 99.9%, 99.8%, 98%, and 90%, respectively; the combined mechanization degrees of coal mining in Germany, the United Kingdom, Poland, Japan, and Russia were 99.9% and 99.9, respectively. %, 95.2%, 93.53% and 85.7%. At the same time, the efficiency of China's comprehensive mechanized coal mining face is not high, in 1995 it was 25.08t / work. In 1992, the United Kingdom reached 48.1t/work; in 1993, the United States reached 274.0t/work, Germany reached 28.0t/work; in 1994, Japan reached 100t/work, and Russia only 11.5t/work, temporarily lower than China.
In summary, in addition to the advantages of total output, China's coal production technology level, mechanization level and work efficiency, compared with the world's major coal-producing countries, there is a certain gap. Therefore, in the future, coal production must seriously study and promote the world's advanced coal mining technology, increase scientific and technological content, improve mechanized coal mining, especially comprehensive mechanized coal mining, and develop high-yield and high-efficiency mines, so that various technical and economic indicators can catch up with the world. Level.