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Henan Coal Chemical Industry and Yima Coal Industry carry out strategic restructuring

2018/07/18 10:13
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Henan Coal Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd. (referred to as “Henan Coal Chemical Group”), ranked No. 1 in Henan’s coal industry, and strategically reorganized with the third-ranked Yima Coal Industry Group Co., Ltd. (“Yimei Group”) The news has attracted the attention of many people. Last night, the major brand of the large-capacity energy of the listed companies of the Yimei Group was announced. The province is promoting the strategic restructuring of Henan Coal Chemical Group and Yimei Group to form a new large-scale energy and chemical enterprise group. It can be said that a stone has stirred up a thousand layers of waves. Since Henan Coal Chemical Group and Yimei Group are all provincial-level large-scale enterprises, they rank one or three in the provincial coal enterprises. Therefore, once the two companies complete strategic restructuring, their quantitative changes The qualitative change effect will be amazing.
Henan Coal Chemical Industry and Yima Coal Industry carry out strategic restructuring
And look at the "volume" of the two companies - Henan Coal Chemical Group registered capital of 12.2 billion yuan, 2012 operating income of 180.67 billion yuan, coal production of 75.2 million tons, total assets of about 210 billion yuan; Yimei Group registered capital of 3.35 billion Yuan, in 2012, the operating income was 32.176 billion yuan, the coal output was more than 30 million tons, and the total assets were 59 billion yuan. If the scale of the two groups is simply added, the new group's operating income will exceed 200 billion yuan, the coal output will exceed 100 million tons, and the total assets will be about 270 billion yuan. It will not only be the leader of Henan enterprises, but also the domestic and world enterprises 500. Strong rankings will also move forward. As for the name of the new group, the industry insiders told reporters that “it is not clear yet”, but there is a reference to “Henan Energy and Chemical Industry Group”. In fact, this is another large-scale strategic restructuring of the province's energy and chemical industry. In 2008, in order to promote the strategic reorganization of coal enterprises in the province and promote the optimal allocation of resources, the province set up Henan Coal Chemical Group and Pingmei Shenma Group. The former consisted of former Yongmei Group, Coking Coal Group, Hemei Group, and Zhongyuan Dahua Group. The Henan Gas Group and other five companies were reorganized. The latter, including Pingmei Group and Shenma Group, achieved good integration results. At present, the annual revenues of the two companies have exceeded 100 billion yuan. Therefore, the positive effect of the new round of restructuring is worth looking forward to. For Henan Coal Chemical Group, the strategic reorganization with the Yi Coal Group also provides an opportunity to enter the capital market, accelerate the capital layout, and build a stronger and stronger capital support. It is understood that Henan Coal Chemical currently has a large number of unlisted high-quality coal assets. If the strategic restructuring of the two major groups goes smoothly, the new group will own two listed companies, namely, Silver Pigeon Investment and Dayou Energy. It will become an important platform for the capital operation of the new group's coal sector.